New Album
 ‘I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me’
13th November 2015
Out via Pickpocket Records

“Now I understand why second albums are so difficult” begins Charlotte Marionneau aka Le Volume Courbe, and the producer of the album “your first album is your “best of” the music you’ve made all your life; then you start again from scratch.” 10 years in the making, ‘I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me’ is Marionneau’s long awaited follow up to the highly thought of ‘I Killed My Best Friend’. Its originality shares something with outsider art: naïve, primitive, primal, rather than following the standard rules.

Set for release on 13th November 2015 via Pickpocket Records – run by Charlotte Marionneau and Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) - Marionneau builds upon the melodic, experimental aesthetic, creating an equally individual, curiously titled album to its predecessor. The album’s opener, ‘Born to lie’, commences like the initial blooming of a seed, sprouting with an understated beauty. A fleeting percussive introduction expands into a beautifully haunting score that instantly evokes an intriguing atmosphere that runs throughout the whole album.

Next is ‘I love the living you’. Featured in Nick Moran’s (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels / Harry Potter) ‘The Kid’, and name checking Kevin Shields on guitar, ‘I love the living you’ is one of the albums more stripped back productions.

Initially a poem, ‘I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me’ is not just simply an ode to the late great Ramone, but an angelic and endearing depiction of a lonely evening, prompted by Marionneau’s late night reading; unsurprisingly, a book on the man himself. ‘Rusty’ then erupts from the melancholy that precedes it, yet maintains the effortless and earnest tone previously mapped out. Where ‘Rusty’ transcends, ‘Le petit chevalier’ hones it back in, exchanging the distorted drive for a downbeat eloquence.

Eerily infectious, ‘Lazy’ is a musical Jekyll & Hyde, switching back and forth from an evangelical chime to a pulsating, industrial piece of experimental pop. The Pitchfork lauded ‘The house’ follows. Co-mixed with Brendan Lynch (Paul Weller / The Rakes), ‘The house’ bursts with a lo-fi intensity, doused in dream-like flitters.

The penultimate track, ‘Monte Dans Mon Ambulance’, which features Martin Duffy (Felt / Primal Scream), opens the beginning of the end in a sullen, downbeat tone. ‘The mind is a horse version’ then bolsters the darkness that broods submissively throughout, in what is an experimentally emphatic closer.

Harnessing a plethora of genres into a coherent linear, ‘I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me’ is a tour’de’force. Well thought, organic and inviting; from the ambivalent intensity of “Soap On, Soap Off” to “Monte Dans Mon Ambulance”, and from the full-blooded swing, swagger and whistles of “Rusty” to the subtly sonic swellings and broodings of “The House”, the album is laced with surprises, subversions and a refreshing candour which sets this apart from anything else. It’s a unique, compelling listen.

01. Born to lie
02. I love the living you
03. Soap on soap off
04. Little Shoes
05. I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me
06. Rusty
07. Le petit chevalier
08. Lazy
09. The House
10. Monte dans mon ambulance
11. The mind is a horse version

Le Volume Courbe are:

Melanie Draisey
Chris Mackin
Lascelle Gordon
Theodore Hall
Wildcat Will
Barney Slater

For more information, please contact:

Julie Bland / Jack Wade at Family PR 0n 0207 033 6950
Julie – 07767 784 640 / Jack - 07702359030

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Le Volume Courbe's single 'The House / Monte Dans Mon Ambulance' out now!

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Le Volume Courbe - meaning "the volume curve" - is hard to put in a genre box. They don't play rock 'n roll, and they don't play world music. It's out-of-this-world music. It's in-your-own-world music, what-in-the-world music. It's a diary of dreams.

After being raised in a small town in Pays de la Loire, French-born Charlotte Marionneau (aka Le Volume Courbe) journeyed across the English Channel to London. Settling in England, Charlotte began composing and making tracks, receiving vital encouragement from musicians like Hope Sandoval, Kevin Shields, David Roback and Colm O’Ciosoig, all of whom contributed to her debut album “I killed by best friend” (Honest Jons/Astralwerks).

Ring The Alarm is pleased to bring you her latest release: the double A side single "The House / Monte Dans Mon Ambulance", mixed by John Parish (Eels, PJ Harvey). Charlotte recorded the A side “The House” with her friends and band: Melanie Draisey, Chris Mackin, Theodore Hall, Lascelle Gordon, Barney Slater and Kevin Shields. "The House" is a whimsically poetic song with toy gun sounds and soaring strings. The AA side “Monte Dans Mon Ambulance “ is an elegy conveyed by Charlotte's eerily beautiful vocals and the piano play of Martin Duffy (Felt, Primal Scream).

Unique, radical and rich with personality, Le Volume Courbe’s playful, powerful songs of innocence and intrigue are not easily forgotten.

The House no 13 in Mojo chart

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Theodaurus Rex ep

  • Born To Lie
  • I Love The Living You
  • Lazy
  • Le Petit Chevalier

Release Date: 7th November 2011 vinyl.
                           14th November 2011 for download
Label name:    Pickpocket Records


Le Volume Courbe’s “Theodaurus Rex” EP will be released on the 7th November 2011 through Pickpocket Records. It will be the first release on the label formed by Le Volume Courbe’s leader and lynchpin Charlotte Marionneau with Kevin Shields. It includes “I Love The Living You” (featuring Shields), “Born To Lie”, “Lazy”, and an interpretation of the Nico song “Le Petit Chevalier” – which Le Volume Courbe played at their first ever London gig: a Nico tribute show. 

The precursor to a second album, it’s the much-anticipated next chapter after LVC’s eclectic, experimental and strangely compelling 2005 debut, “I Killed My Best Friend”. Inspired by the do-your-own-thing ethos of Nico, The Ramones and Yoko Ono, Charlotte mused of that remarkable work, “It was a punk record, in many ways. But not rock. I don’t feel like a proper musician, or a proper singer either. I guess I’m somebody that has ideas, puts things together. If you’re trying to do your own thing, without caring what’s going on around you, it can actually help if you sometimes don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Then it’s automatically original. I can’t copy anyone else, I don’t have the technical know-how. Not being experienced gives you more freedom.”                                                  - Chris Roberts

Available in 10" viny Click here to go to shop or click here for download version